Sealcoating Kenosha, WI

If you’ve been thinking about sealcoating in Kenosha, now’s the time to do it. The protective layer can be quickly applied, preventing moisture from seeping through your asphalt and restoring it to good condition.

Some of the many benefits include protection against UV rays, chemical spills, and water penetration at an affordable price. As GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company, we are proud to offer this service and more. Our specialties include parking lot sealcoating, hot rubberized crack filling, parking lot striping that we perform with utmost precision using the finest materials available. We invest heavily in the latest equipment and knowledge of new techniques to stay at the leading edge of the industry.

Here we are with the highest level of sealcoating and asphalt paving services. We will handle your project in Kenosha efficiently so you can enjoy the results for a long time to come.