Public Adjuster Chicago, IL

If you’ve ever been the victim of a home fire or windstorm and had to file an insurance claim, you know how stressful the process can be. You’re dealing with physical, mental, and financial stress all at once—and that’s before you even talk about the actual paperwork! (Not to mention the fact that you have to deal with an insurance company.)

Luckily, there are people who specialize in helping folks like you get through this time. They’re called public adjusters, and they work specifically for people like you—not insurance companies.

You might be thinking: But why would I need an adjuster? I’m insured! And sure, it’s great to have insurance coverage—but on average, homeowners who use public adjusters receive more than those who don’t. If the insurance company tries to give you less than what your policy says is due to you—our adjusters can help. (And if they try to give you more than your policy says is due… well, we’ll help with that too.)

Insurance Public Adjuster Chicago is made up of licensed experts who are here for your every need. We understand how frustrating insurance companies can be—we’ve been there ourselves.

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