Why Copper Flashing Should Be A Must Have For Any Roof

If you want to protect your home from leaks, flashing is a good place to start. Flashing is a waterproofing material that’s installed under shingles or tiles where two roofs intersect, and around chimneys, vents and other penetrations through the roof.

When people think about flashing, they usually think about rainwater getting in. If you have unprotected parts of your house – like windows or doors – you can use a material called flashing to keep moisture from getting inside. Flashing keeps water out of your home, so you don’t need to worry about molding, decay and expensive repairs.

Copper flashing is a great choice for roofs. It offers high aesthetics and lasting value, requires little maintenance and has an extensive life. Copper flashing is especially advantageous in highly humid and wet regions. It is also easy to reuse on a new roof.

Copper is not only more expensive than galvanized steel, but it’s also more costly than other corrosive metals. However, copper lasts much longer than these metals do and has the additional benefit of being a classier choice. Copper flashing Chicago is an excellent choice for roofing projects that need to last a long time and look good while doing so.

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